Casual night out –

Casual night out -

Trina Turk cropped pants
£37 –

High heel sandals
£24 –

Black handbag
£1,140 –

Betsey johnson sunglasses


Why not ?

This weekend I had a weekend off from work , therefore , I obliviously decided to go out shopping- which has not happened since the summer holidays.

I did not go any where big or major ,I just went to a town centre . Skipton an historical,traditional place in Yorkshire with accessiblity to the dales , canals and really sweet barges – which people live on.

But this was a great opportunity for me to grab some bargains – as there are not many high street shops there .Its full of small town shops , bargain stores and charity shops.

What I purchased was great for the money I spent.I bought unique ,whimsical pieces that will make fashionable outifits whatever the weather or occasion – that I doubt any other people would have .

P.s. This was a cute little bottle by Disney from a discount store that I couldn’t resist.