Camden Markets /

When I visited London, it was a must to visit Camden- the markets , the food stalls, the hidden whimsical areas and the bold colours and artwork.

It was incredibly busy – but I suppose that adds to the atmosphere.The variety of people you see walking past you , up and down is unique.From the bold to simplistic to courageous and adventurous –  totalling a collection of unforgettable memories.

I walked into the food stalls and I was hit with a sensational smell of all the varied nationalities of food.Crepes,Enchiladas,tagliatelle,curry,burgers and more.

*All ,tasted amazing from the full packed flavour samples and dishes.

I bought a couple of things from the market.

  • A box of Japanese sweets in a pastel pink colour –
  • 2 silver rings –
  • Japanese craft –
  • Bohemian purse & anklet .

Even though , the things I bought might not be anything vast they are unique and very whimsical- which I love.


Experimental Photography – part 1

DSC_0010 DSC_0001

* So, I decided to play with my camera a little bit ,  to experiment with different settings and effects on my camera.

➖ My camera – Nikon D3200

This week I experimented with slow shutter speed, which is a useful and effective technique to use if you want to take photographs that are blurry, faded, and different as slow shutter has this effect. Slow shutter creates  a rather unique look to photographs ,which ,even though can look strange are very strong and bold.

The images above are my slow shutter speed trial photographs , where I used my young sister as my “model” and kindly got her to run up and down , back and forth on the grass/trampoline while the camera shutter speed settings were high (1-30 dependent  on the camera you use). *